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25 Pipe Portative Organ from F to f Chromatic.

25 Pipe Portative Organ

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  This cute little Portative Organ seen here has a Chromatic Keyboard range From F to f exactly 2 Octaves. It is made with Stopped Flute Pipes giving it both a beautiful tone and compact size! The following Video demonstrates its lovely sound!

32 note Chromatic Portative Organ From C to g.

32 Pipe Portative Organ

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   This Portative Organ is made with open organ pipes that are tuned with a zinc  tuning tab at the top. Portative Organs made with this kind of pipe give the more  standard "Diapason" Tone, heard on the majority of portatives today.  This organ can be made with stopped pipes as well, if a more mellow,  fluty tone is desired. 

The range of this Portative Organ is from 2 foot C to g, 32  notes . If it is made with Stopped pipes, then it would be a deeper 4  Foot Pitch.  The following video demonstrates this Portative Organ with open pipes in 2 foot pitch.

Koreski Orrgans

Carefully Hand Made!

  All of our Portative organs are carefully made by Hand over a period of up to several months.
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