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The Portative Organ (pictured left) Formed a common part of daily life in Medieval Europe. This Small pipe organ was designed with the idea of being so portable that most of them could be carried and played by the same person, even while walking. This type of small Pipe Organ flourshied between 1100 a.d. and 1500 a.d. and then suddenly disappeared. 
   A few organ builders in the last few decades have begun building them again,, and among them is Sean Koreski Located in Vancouver, WA, USA. As a long time Professional musician and Instrument builder, he understands the need for compact practical instruments,, ones that are truly Portable Organs!! The volume of his Organs are plenty to accompany other instruments and be played both indoors and outdoors yet still be light and compact enough to be taken anywhere,, all without sacrificing the quality of tone! 

Diatonic Portative Organ

New Lower Price:
Price: $2,599 

he Portative Organ pictured above is inspired by the Organs
commonly carried by Minstrels in the 11th-13th Centuries.

    This particular Organ has 12 pipes with a diatonic scale ranging
 from the A below 1 foot C up to the E Above 6 inch C.
Click Here to Listen (This Song shows how a small organ can sound big,, by playing fifths and octaves.)
Click Here to Listen
 (in this song the organ is being accompanied by guitar.)

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25 Pipe Portative Organ

New Lower Price:
Price: $4,599

he Organ seen above has a Chromatic Keyboard range From G to g exactly
2 Octaves.

Click Here to listen (A brief improvisation on a piece by Thomas Campion.)
Click Here to listen (A quick run through all the notes of the Organ.)

Shipping Price varies depending on destination
 Contact us for availabilit

ll of our organs are carefully made by Hand over a period of up to several months.
Waiting lists are common, so please Contact us today.
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