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Karen B.

 I've so enjoyed playing the organ you built. Thank you for making such a beautiful instrument!

I brought the organ to an Irish music retreat  song session a few years ago, and every year since, people have asked me  to play my organ again!

Marj C.

 It  has arrived! We carefully unpacked it and had to try it out before I  emailed you of its arrival. What a sweet sounding charming instrument!! 

  It is just as sweet sounding and charming of appearance as I hoped it would be. 

Cherry P.

May I thank you so much, I am amazed at  its beauty, but most of all, the tone and stability of the tuning. 

 My colleagues commented on the ease of tuning and the tonal quality also, and the over all look of it etc.. 

 All in all it is beautiful. 

Stephen K.

 The 32 note portative has arrived!!!   It is  excellent.  Thanks for your extra effort in building this gem. 

Kevin S.

The organ's sounding great.  I got the  opportunity to use it for the first time in a group setting yesterday,  our Early Music Society had a gathering where we discussed how to have a  medieval jam session, and it was a perfect instrument for that.  Even  though there was a rebec and a sort of ukulele-lute hybrid there, the  organ was definitely the star of the show. 

Richard D.

Such Beautiful Work. You are something of a Hero in this house. Thank You so much for taking us on.